Mastering Every Step of Your Customer’s Path in Ecommerce

E-commerce.pngWhen it comes to e-commerce, more than any other kind of website, you need to be focused on the visitor. You need to think about every step of their journey from potential visitor to repeat customer. Without a consumer driven focus, you’ll never succeed. Below, we’re going to look at the steps you should be thinking about.


Reel them in

As an e-commerce business, it’s only obvious that how you grab their attention online is going to be important. First, it’s about thinking what you really have to offer that’s unique? What expertise, product focus or perk sets your business apart? Then it’s about using all the right tools to carry that appeal across.

Search engine optimization, influencer marketing, and content creation are just some examples. Expert teams like Webhype can be a useful resource to learn more about the world of online marketing.

Selling to them

Marketing and getting them to visit your site is only the first step. Then it’s about the shop itself and how easy it is to navigate. You might think selling is easy as clicking and confirming, but it’s not. For example, think about how your customers search for products. Are you offering them the options to narrow their search options based on their needs?

Do categories and navigations make sense? How many steps does it take a customer to get from selecting a product to finalizing their purchase? Your site needs to be informative yet simple. Detailed, but with as few barriers to purchase as possible.

Keep them coming back

A great e-commerce site is going to play a role in whether a customer will be happy to come back or not. How you use that initial purchase is also going to play a big role. For example, make your site remember previous items, purchased or just put in the shopping cart and canceled. Recommend to your customer.

Use their data to narrow your focus in marketing. Sell more than a product by considering a loyalty system. Even if it offers a little value, people like the idea that they’re contributing to savings as they shop.

Listening to them

You can have all the right steps put in place but in the wrong context. If you want customers to become loyal, you have to show you’re dedicated to them. That comes through a support system that listens to them. Be available through multiple channels such as social media, on-site chats, email and more.

Make your customer service visible and carry out case studies that show how you implement requests and suggestions. Combining real feedback with site and purchase data will help you evolve it to an even better customer experience.

First, they need to learn about your business and why they should visit your site. Then it’s about creating as smooth an online shopping experience as possible. Then getting them to repeat, to get invested to the point of sharing their opinion and how you incorporate it. These are the essential strands of a customer-driven e-commerce operation.


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