6 Most Important Things that Employees Need


How many people do you know that are employees (not employers or self-employed) that are truly happy with their job? Is it a majority of them? Most likely not, most would admit. Why is that?

Clearly, those at the top have forgotten how to keep those at the bottom happy and fulfilled.

In doing so, they’re not getting all they can from their employees. To get, you have to give.


So here’s what you give them.


1. Engagement

The first thing that all the smartest employers realize is that a paycheck isn’t enough. You’re paying them for their labor, but you should want more out of them. You should want them to be engaged.

Most people want to be more engaged with their job, as well. Engage employees by getting them to participate more than labor. Get them to think of questions to ask at team meetings. Push for accountability. Spend more time on one-to-one communication.


2. Motivation

Engagement can be part of what brings about motivation, but it’s not the only method. You need to figure out what the employee really wants from their job. Is it to become better?

To be acknowledged and rewarded? To be part of a team, there are plenty of different motivational tools to try out. It’s about finding those that work for your team.


3. Space

Regardless of how engaged or motivated your team is, if you don’t have the right space for them, you can’t expect the best work. What kind of work do they do and what space do they need for it?

Do they have the kind of privacy they can get from spaces like an office phone booth? Do group meetings have a communal space they can happen in? Look at the setting of your office. Does it really meet their needs?


4. Direction

Another big problem with a lot of companies is isolating their employees. Not physically, but in terms of their work. People need to understand the whole that they’re a part of.

A company culture needs to be there as a driving force behind every decision made. If people know the company, know the culture and know their role, they can find it easier to be satisfied with how they contribute.


5. Investment

You shouldn’t just expect people to be more invested in the company, either. The company needs to be invested in them. It needs to offer them mobility inside the company, a chance to do more and get more.

It also needs to offer them development that can help them outside the company. Training and mentorship programs should be a key part of how you deal with your staff.


6. A leader

More than anything, a team needs a leader that can convincingly provide all these. Someone with the traits of motivation and dedication to the team that spurs them on to get great results.

A company owner or employer doesn’t necessarily have to be a leader. Sometimes, it can be better to spot the traits in your own employees and raise them up to be your go-to guy for the others.

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