3 Biggest Risks when Investing in a House


A lot of people see the process of investing a house as a simple one. But there are a few risks involved in the process that could seriously harm the overall value that you end up with.

Remember: even if you’re looking for a place to call home, the property should still be seen as an investment. Here are the risks you need to mitigate when investing in real estate.


1. Bank loans

It makes sense that someone would go to a bank in order to secure a loan to buy a house. It’s the first stop for pretty much anyone who wants to get their hands on some capital.

And it’s not as if there are many people out there who can buy a home without getting some help with that capital, right? For some people, it makes sense to get a regular loan instead of going through more formal methods of mortgages.

But loans are rarely a good way of beginning an investment. It’s better for the capital to be yours. If you’re just looking for a home for your family, then loans and traditional mortgages might be right for you.

Investments are a different story. As with any loan, you need to make sure you read the small print. You may find that the traditional loan arrangements offered by your bank aren’t great for real estate investment. The interest rates are rarely as fluid as you need them to be.


2. Crime

Crime is one of the biggest worries for anyone interested in buying a home. This doesn’t just go for someone who’s planning to live there. Real estate investors also need to worry about the crime rates in the neighborhood, as well as the potential for crime already in the home.

It’s not as uncommon as you may think to find squatters on a property you wish to purchase. Dealing with that can be quite tricky, though generally the law will have your back.

The more obvious worry is that of neighborhood crime. But despite the widespread worry, people don’t often check the local statistics before buying a property. You may assume a neighborhood that looks beautiful is safe, but it could be a hotbed for thieves.

Similarly, a seemingly downbeat corner of town might actually be one of the safest in the state. Check for crime statistics in the area before you make any investments. You might end up with great potential buyers who suddenly get scared off by the crime rates!


3. Structural problems

The biggest problems with a house aren’t always very obvious. Sure, when you were looking around you may have noticed a few things you’d like to fix. Maybe there were some cracks in the walls.

Maybe some paint was peeling. Perhaps there were some loose shelves. But the really serious structural problems of a home aren’t always clear when you’re giving the place a look around.


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