6 Tips on What You Need for a Productive Working Environment


Is your working space a little on the stale side? Do you feel that the business, albeit successful, is starting to feel like it needs some reinvigorating?

If you feel that, you’re not alone.

Many businesses can suffer from the equivalent of the Seven Year Itch, so what do you do about it?

Having a look around where you are is a good start. Has the business escaped out of your hands? Is it just not what you’d imagine it would have been?

There are many reasons for that. But to encourage an environment where vibrancy, productivity, and teamwork thrives, it requires maximum support.

Here are 6 tips that can help you increase productivity at work.


1. Are You Marketing The Business Well Enough?

If not, then maybe it’s time to start a new strategy. Customers can become bored very easily and migrate to other brands. Look at your content, is it engaging enough? Are the communication channels blocked in one way or another?

Open up your ability to communicate with your customers again and encourage a dialogue. Welcome feedback and you may see where you are falling down.


2. Upgrade Your Hardware to the Cloud

Upgrading your systems from your standard hardware to a cloud based one has many advantages.

From extra storage space over a standard hardware package to the reduced carbon footprint, it could be an investment that will save time, effort and money in other avenues.

This will give you the opportunity to put funds where you really need it.


3. The Office Phones

Are you still using the same phone setup as you were 20 years ago? If so, you could do with a new one.

From integrating the use of headsets to using a different type of phone system, the quality of your telephone line will mean the difference between a frustrated customer who can barely hear you to one you can have a healthy dialogue with.


4. Furnish Your Office

Not just with new desks and tables, but decorate the space. Make it seem to be less of an office and more of a creative hub. People don’t want to be staring at the same four walls for years and years. Have a change of color, or re-organize the space.

Speak to the staff and see what they would like to be more comfortable. Do they need new chairs or do they need beanbags? Take a look at sites like Office Chairs Only for some seating ideas.


5. Having More Fun

This is the most important. If your colleagues are not happy, is it the example you are setting? Are you encouraging a healthy environment, or are you completely target driven? Why not have the work themes days, like fancy dress or games days?

This can extend to outside the workplace too. Have regular social outings. Relationships between colleagues that were once frosty and tentative can turn into friendships and healthy working relationships.


6. Healthy Snacks

Office culture can revolve around cakes and sweet treats. Encourage healthy snacks, like fruit and nuts instead of the sweet and salty snacks, and the mid afternoon energy slumps will be reduced.


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