Why Mimicking Your Competitors Is a Bad Idea



When starting a business, competitor research is one of the first things that people tend to do. It’s a crucial part of the process as it allows you learn about the market. You can’t avoid encountering your rivals at some point, so familiarizing yourself with their work is important.

A lot of small businesses are under the impression that copying what others are doing will bring you success. This is false and can in fact be damaging to your business.

Instead of trying to mimic other people’s success and plan of using it to your advantage, you should aim to be unique. What people fail to realize is that those few businesses are successful because their original.

There is no reason why you should copy other businesses. Not in this day and age, where all the tools you could imagine are available for you.


1. Just because it works for them doesn’t mean it will work for you

Think of a successful business as a viral video. It’s popular because a series of events made it that way. There is no secret formula to it. It just happened.

A lot of successful businesses have gotten to where they are this way. They were lucky and had a strong brand identity, which led to their success.

If you’re thinking about copying a business in hopes of reaching the same level of success that it has, your chances are slim.

People will know instantly who you are trying to copy. The Internet isn’t a forgiving place. All it takes is one person to dislike what you are doing and you risk losing everything.

It’s much better to be original and gain success with your own ideas. Not only will it feel much more satisfying but it will also make you stand out.


2. Originality makes you stand out

There’s no denying that originality can make you stand out. People are attracted to things that are different; therefore, by doing things your way you are attracting a lot of attention.

Visibility is crucial online and by doing it on your terms; you are paving your own way. Instead of relying on other people’s achievements to carry you forward, get there yourself.

You don’t have to be super creative to have a solid original idea. All it takes is a tiny spark that can grow into an incredible idea.

Being successful is all about the strategy you make. Whether it’s digital marketing, social media or by getting help from a company like PRWD, you can be successful if you only try.

Running a business isn’t about mimicking other people. If you want to be successful in any field, you have to be a trend-setter.

People don’t like seeing the same old stuff over and over again. If you’re not unique, people will notice and it will put them off from doing business with you. Of course, getting inspired by others is perfectly natural.

Just don’t use that inspiration to rip off another business in hopes of succeeding. Become successful on your own terms and with your own achievements.

There is no greater feeling in the world than getting success due to your own work. Try it and see how great it feels.


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