Why Health and Safety Is Crucial To Every Business


H s.jpgHealth and safety should be one of the main concerns for all types of businesses. Especially if you’re starting a business, you will need to pay close attention to the health and safety precautions that are required of you.

Keeping health and safety in check on your premises doesn’t just affect you. It’s essential for ensuring the safety of employees, customers, and even protecting your finances.

Here are some of the various reasons your business should keep health and safety in check.


1. It’s Legally Required

Following health and safety rules for businesses isn’t voluntary. There are legal requirements for the health and safety measures of your business.

These are in place in most countries in the world, so check your national requirements to ensure your business is up to check.

The International Labour Organization has a database of occupational safety and health regulations worldwide.

You should also seek advice for your company from health and safety consultants. These resources will help to ensure your business is not liable.

These laws usually include assessing and reducing workplace risks. All employees must be informed of and protected from any present risks. Neglecting to follow health and safety laws can result in a fine. Extreme cases can even result in imprisonment.


2. Ignoring Health and Safety Is Costly

Poor health and safety in the workplace can be costly to your business for various reasons. If your business isn’t legally up to par with health and safety, you could get fined. But there are also other ways you can lose out on profits.

If an employee becomes seriously injured at your workplace, this can put them out of work. This will cost your business a lot in productivity.

If the injury is found to be your fault, you could also have a liability lawsuit on your hands.

Employees aren’t the only ones who can sue you for liability claims either. Many businesses have found themselves in legal trouble due to customers getting injured.

A famous case of this is the McDonalds Hot Coffee Lawsuit. A customer took McDonalds to court after their coffee caused her third-degree burns. McDonalds were found to be at fault for serving coffee at dangerously high temperatures- a mistake which cost them over $800,000.


3. It Helps Your Employees Do Their Job

Paying attention to health and safety measures will prevent any employee injuries. It can also help employees continue to be productive in general.

Health and safety training is particularly important in places like factories. Factory machinery can be extremely dangerous if not operated the correct way.

Employees will need to be educated on how to operate such machinery. Licenses are sometimes needed to avoid health and safety risks, such as the license to operate a forklift.

Even in retail stores, employees should be taught the correct technique for bending and lifting. This will prevent any back injuries.

Those who work in offices should be informed of the dangers of being at a screen for too long, and given breaks.

It’s important to take some time to ensure health and safety measures in your work premises are taken care of. As long as no employees or customers are at risk, you’ll have nothing to worry about.


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