How Taking Care Of Your Office Impacts Your Staff


office.jpgWe are all a lot more affected by our environment than we might realize. Particularly if it’s an environment that we’re supposed to be productive and busy in.

Not many business owners pay attention to how their workplace really affects the people working in it.

If you would like to increase productivity in your office, here’s how you should be taking care of it.


1. Make it easy to take care of

First, look at the composition of the office itself. The furniture you use. For furniture, it’s a good idea to use hard surfaces like ceramic tops that are a lot easier to simply wipe clean.

For the floor, consider stain-resistant carpets. The less effort it is to clean, the more likely it is to be kept that way. You don’t need any lingering marks that will stick out against an otherwise spotless office.


2. Get everyone to chip in

Regardless of how easy-to-clean a workplace is it’s not going to stay that way unless people put in a bit of effort.

You can save yourself half the price of your cleaners if the people working there are more considerate of their environment.

Getting people to pitch in to keep the office tidy has an effect on their own productivity. It can also make them have a bit more pride of place in both the workplace and the company as a whole.


3. Lighting is crucial

It’s more than just a mess (or lack of) that can change the feel of the working environment, however. There are other factors that play into it.

Few are as important as lighting. Poor lighting is not only a poor motivator. It’s also a health concern that can lead to eyestrain and stress.

Involve as much natural lighting as you can by using minimalist window dressings like solid blinds.

Use things like houseplants to add a bit of freshness to the air and work with that light. Avoid the humming, pale fluorescent lights at all costs. Those things are a productivity killer.


4. Map out the workload

The layout of the office matters as well. If you’re able to move resources and furniture around, you should consider it. Think of the workload of each employee.

What do they need to do? Where do they need to move to get certain tasks done?

Reduce the amount of space between them and necessary work tools like filing cabinets and printers. That will reduce the amount of time and effort it takes them to get their job done.

If the office is much less fuss to tidy and deal with, then it will be tidy more often. Getting rid of clutter and mess can make employees all the more productive.

Same should apply with good lighting and efficient use of space. Don’t stick them in a dreary box. Give them an office that makes them happy to work in it.

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