Importance of Creating a Strategic Plan for Your Business


strategic planning


A strategic plan refers to a clear action plan outlining where your business or company is heading to by defining long-term goals.


When you start a business, it is advisable that you formulate clear procedures stipulating the business long-term plans. Such strategies usually serve as guidelines that will help you plan effectively on how to achieve the set goals and objectives.

Strategic planning is a critical component of any business as it forms the backbone that defines company’s vision, mission as well as the foreseen fortune of the business. In addition, creating a strategic plan will help you establish;

1. A clear blueprint of your business

Strategic plan helps in creating the projected end results of the set goals and objectives. When you develop a strategic plan, your business is guided towards the long-term goals and thus, everyone is motivated to work harder in order to attain the target results.

Future business plans such as creating a new product, venturing into new markets or expanding the business and setting up new branches are all made possible through strategic planning.

2. A SWOT Analysis for your business

When you conduct a SWOT Analysis, you are able to identify your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Once everything is critically analyzed, developing a strategic plan often helps in creating a robust business that is viable and competitive.

Effective SWOT Analysis helps managers to prioritize strategic goals, therefore, positioning their business/companies above the bar through increased efficiency.

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3. A broader thinking in terms of business strategies

There is no any set formula of creating a strategic plan. This is because different businesses have different operations, goals, and objectives.

Therefore, a strategic plan is a product of shared thoughts among all the stakeholders. By brainstorming, the decision makers are able to make informed decisions in terms of priorities so as to attain specific goals.

It helps in formulating the methods to be used in achieving various business targets such as; how to prepare adequately for a new product launch, how to adapt to new technological methods in the markets and equipping the workforce with new training,  or how to venture into a new market segment and remain competitive.

4. A fair shared vision between the business and your personal vision

When running a business entity, there is always conflict of interest that exists between the owner and the business itself.

This is because; the business owner/ stakeholders have different personal visions that are different from the business entity.

Creating a strategic plan helps in reconciling the two separate visions thus, helping in the formulation of policies that will guarantee a shared vision.

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Strategic planning will help you align your future personal goals with long-term plans for your business.

When everything is  clearly set, you can easily incorporate personal goals into the strategic planning processes so that you can achieve a winning shared vision for you and your business in future.

Bottom line:

Although strategic planning stipulates where the business is going in the long-term, it is highly advisable to review your strategic plan regularly. 

Such review practices will help your business gauge itself with other competitors, review time-lines for the ongoing projects and revise strategies when new opportunities or threats arise. It should always be adaptable and relevant at all times!






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