Tips on How To Increase Employee’s Productivity




Employees are the most valuable assets in our businesses. Without employees, the company or organization cannot run, and every organization must value its employees so as to achieve its long-term objectives.


Have you hired the best and qualified employees in your firm but the productivity is still too low and below the bar? Then, something is not right.


A workplace is not just a place where individuals meet and be there for a few hours and then get paid at the end of the month! Today, in order to survive in business, improved productivity is vital. Employees’ productivity in any business set up can be evaluated by the amount of work completed which also should determine the compensation package.


But what are the factors that lead to low productivity and performance among employees? Are they operating in a very harsh environment or have you given them too much freedom as an employer?

This article will help you understand what you need to do right. Remember that the level of employees’ productivity is the heart that determines the profitability of your business and its competitive advantage.


1. Provide your employees with modern time-saving devices

Whether you are operating a small or a big enterprise, ensure that you have adopted the latest technology. When you give your employees modern devices, they are likely to produce more and save time.

Avoid using outdated machines as they operate long hours and there is no efficiency. Modern devices that you can improvise to improve employees’ productivity and performance are digital smartphones and tablets, Laptops, latest applications and software’s and Wi-Fi.


2. Take your employees to activation programs so that they can gain more exposure

Organizing for training seminars for your employees will help them improve their skills. The activation training programs will challenge the employees and help them learn and exchange ideas in their respective fields.

By so doing, employees learn on how to perform their duties with diligent. Thus, they will increase productivity which will have positive impacts on the profit margins.

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3. Inculcate the spirit of teamwork among employees

Always ensure that employees are engaged to work as a team, and they are all inspired to work towards achieving a common objective.

Ensure that there is interdependency among different departments in your organization so that everyone can appreciate the role each department plays towards achieving the set goals.

Teamwork will also help employees to learn, inspire and recognize the commitment of every person in the organization.


4. Always set reasonable and achievable targets 

When delegating duties to your employees, ensure that you have set realistic target and goals that always inspires employees to work hard.

Setting clear attainable goals is very necessary as it ensures that every worker is aware of his/her duties and responsibility. Therefore, everyone will feel motivated to work towards fulfilling the set targets because every employee is accountable for his/her goals and duties.

It reduces the time wasted trying to organize employees and allocating them unfamiliar tasks which reduce efficiency.


5. Always reward and recognize best performance

Endeavor to award credit where it is due. Employees feel motivated when they are recognized and awarded by their employer when they perform to their best.

Rewarding hardworking employees help in boosting their personal esteem, and they feel inspired even to achieve more.

As an employer, you should as well encourage your employees to be more innovative so as to bring new ideas that can increase the productivity.

6. Cater for your employees’ welfare

Don’t just make rules and procedures to be followed and then lock yourself in the office. As an employer, always ensure that you have established a personal touch with your employees.

Give them an assurance that you value their welfare and they will feel appreciated. If possible, treat your employees as business partners and value their human nature.

When you show them love and care, you create a conducive environment for them to unleash their potential and give your company the best in terms of productivity.

If possible, treat your employees as business partners and value their human nature. When you show them love and care, you create a conducive environment for them to unleash their potential and give your company the best in terms of productivity.

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